First Grade Navajo Blankets


Warm and cool Planets with Third Grade


Free Choice Centers

Students in all grades are learning how to use the Free Choice Centers. After completing the main project, students may choose one of many art activities to enjoy.
Collage Center
QR Code Scavenger Hunt
Building Straw Center
Building Block Center
Clay Center

Bookbinding: Make a Coptic Stitch Sketchbook

Art Club has been busy creating their very own unique sketchbook

QR Scavenger Hunt

Art met Technology this past week in the art room. Students located QR codes found around the classroom. I was able to create some unique codes using a free QR code Generator.

During class time students were able to bust out their ipads and scan the mysterious QR codes. Each QR code linked students to a special URL. Each link would instruct students to play a 30 second Tellagamivideo clip. The videos brought the Rules and Consequences of the art room to life in a more entertaining way. Please feel free to review them!

Art Classroom Rules
Rule 1Rule 2Rule 2, part 2Rule 3Rule 4Rule 4, part 2

Logical Consequences
Consequence IntroFirst Consequence: 1 warningFirst Consequence, part 2Second Consequence: Take A Break SpotSecond Consequence, part 2Second Consequence, part 3Second Consequence, part 4Third Consequence: Office

Have a good week!
Ms. Bailey